Термины, встречающиеся на круизных лайнерах:


Aft  - Toward the rear of the vessel.

Alleyway - Any passageway on the vessel

Beam - Cabins above the waterline

Berth - A space to anchor/moor the vessel, a build-in bed

Bow - Forward or front part of ship.

Blast - The sound of the ship’s whistle

Bridge - Navigation and command center of the vessel.

Bulkhead - Upright partition (walls) used to divide various sections of the ship into rooms.

Cabin - Officer and/or crew quarters (see also Stateroom).

Course - Direction the ship is sailing.

Crew Area - Crew access only.

Crew Bar - Located in the crew area of the vessel only. It is a social gathering place where crew interact with each other (have a good time, that is!).

Crew I.D. - Usually a laminated card used as a means of identification the ship's company on board and while in port.

Crew Mess - Dining facilities for non-officer crew members.

Cruise Staff Department - Handles the day-to-day passenger activities and social events.

Customs - Government officials responsible for regulating goods, services and supplies into a country.

Customs Manifest - Document listing all personal goods of crew members.

Daily Program - Passenger program outlining the day to day activities of all events and ship information.

Deck - Floor.

Deck Department - Responsible for the overall operation and navigation of the vessel.

Disembark/Debark - Leave the vessel.

Dock - The structure such as a pier in which the vessel ties up when in port.

Draft - Measurement in feet from waterline to lowest point of ship's keel.

Dry Dock - Vessel is completed removed from the water to institute repairs to the keel.

Embarkation/Embark - To go aboard the vessel.

Fire Doors - Special doors located throughout the ship that close after a command from the bridge; they are fire retardant.

Food & Beverage Department - Handles the day-to-day operations of food supplies, food regulations and management of the galley.

Fore and Aft - Front and back of the vessel, refers to the entire vessel.

Galley - Vessel's kitchen.

Gangway - Platform or ramp for embarkation and disembarkation to a dock or tender used for convenience and security.

Helm - Vessel's steering wheel.

Hotel Department - Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the passenger facilities and related departments.

Immigration - Government officials responsible for granting citizens permission to or restricting entry to a country.

Keel - The bottom portion of the vessel submerged in water.

Knot - One nautical mile per hour (6,080.2 ft) as compared to land mile of 5,280 ft.

Leeward - Side of the vessel or island that is protected from the wind.

Letter of Employment - A written document from the company as proof of employment.

Lifeboat - Small boat carried on the vessel and used in case of emergency.

M.V. – motor vessel

M.S. – motor ship

Muster Station - A place to assemble passengers and/or crew during a lifeboat drill.

Open Seating - Free access to unoccupied tables in the dining room, as opposed to assigned seating.

Port - To the left, facing forward of the bow.

Port-of-Call - Country, island or territory the vessel visits.

Purser's Office - The central administrative office on board for passengers as well as crew members.

Registry - The country in which the vessel is registered.

Roll - Sway of the ship from side to side.

Salary - Because length of contracts on board vessels vary from month to month, quoting a monthly salary instead of yearly is the standard in the maritime industry.

Sign-On - Start of a contract.

Sign-Off - End of a contract.

Slops - Crew store managed by crew members offering everything from snacks to toiletries.

Starboard - To the right, facing forward of the bow.

Stateroom - Passenger quarters.

Stem - Extreme bow of the vessel.

Stern - Rear of the vessel.

Stowaway - Illegal passenger.

Tender - Small vessel used to transport passengers and/or crew or supplies to and from shore when ship is at anchor. Most large ships carry their own tenders, which are maintained as lifeboats in case of an emergency.

USPH - United Stated Public Health. Sets the standard for public health and quality food control on board vessels entering United States territory.

Watertight Doors - Special doors that seal off sections of the ship in case of flooding.

Weigh Anchor - To raise anchor in preparation for departure.

Wet Dock - Repairs made without removing the vessel from the water.

Windward - Facing into or the direction towards the wind.

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